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Avamere at Sandy
17727 SE Langensand Rd
Sandy, OR 97055


Avamere at Sandy – Oregon Senior Living Residents Share their Thoughts

Our Oregon senior living residents repeatedly share positive feedback with us. Here are a few of their recent experiences:

To the Entire Avamere at Sandy Staff-
I’d like to extend a “Thank You” for the amazing job you did caring for [ female resident]. She was lucky to be surrounded by caregivers who loved her so much. You all showed such a deep level of caring for her and her husband.

Your staff was truly a pleasure to work with. Everyone was so friendly, collaborative and efficient. You are all good at what you do.

This was not apparent only with this couple, but with all the residents. There wasn’t a day gone by that I didn’t witness you all walking and talking with patients, holding hands, reassuring them repeatedly, and treating ALL the residents with the utmost respect. This is not the case in all facilities, it’s actually quite rare. You have a great group. Thank you for everything.

Marci Donaldson, RN
Mount Hood Hospice


“I attended the play today that was put on by staff and residents at your facility and was so very pleased with your staff and residents who embraced the activity. Huge kudos to all who organized the event. We stayed after to visit with families who also were so excited to see their family member perform and enjoy themselves. It is a treat to witness the full circle of attending grandchildren in plays by our parents. Both groups need the stimulus of group activities and you today scored the highest of marks. Juror number one (in the play) at the end of the presentation spoke of her son and his family who chose Avamere. She also mentioned that she never would have done this type of event at any other facility. Take her message and put it on the web because no one could have written a better endorsement for your site than she did. Thanks again for reaching out to those who may never find their nitch again.”

Be well,

” I have been impressed for a long time with so many of you here at Avamere and the sincere care you give so many. This letter is to thank you all for the excellent care and compassion you showed my friend, he was very special to so many of us.”

“This is a long overdue letter to express our gratitude and appreciation to the Sandy Avamere staff for the job they do caring for their residents on a daily basis. We are particularly grateful to how hard they worked to put my wife and I at ease in the beginning of our journey to Avamere. My wife and I minister in places where the elderly reside, and thus have a clear perspective on the quality of treatment we see at Avamere. The administration has worked hard to build a strong team, which is not an easy task. Thank you, Avamere.”

“Avamere’s generosity never ceases to amaze me, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the kindness you have shown my sister and the quality care I believe she was provided.”