Avamere at Sandy Published Author Blog

Avamere at Sandy, an assisted living and memory care senior community in Sandy, Oregon, welcomed one of their newest residents. 88-year old Margaret Ann Jury is an assisted living resident with quite a touching story about becoming a published author.

Schoolteacher has dream of publishing a book

Margaret is a retired schoolteacher after 25 years of service to children. Throughout her teaching years, she had a love for rhyming words. She came up with the idea for a book titled “Hand in Hand Through Candyland.” Wanting to write a book seemed like a logical goal for Margaret, who is often quoted saying “Learning begins in the lap.”

She created a rough draft several years ago and gave it to her granddaughter, Sarah, who she thought might like to illustrate it. She was a budding artist at only 14 years old when Margaret gave her the book.

A Christmas surprise

Fast forward to Christmas 2018. Sarah surprised her grandmother with a copy of the finished book and asked Margaret’s permission to have it published. Margaret agreed and the book was published in 2019. It is now sold on Amazon.

Susan Leininger, Community Relations Director for Avamere at Sandy noted, “Margaret, together with the love and support of her family, is a shining example of how it is never too late to reach a lifelong goal or dream we hold!”

Book signing will happen soon

Margaret loves to do book signings! Avamere at Sandy plans to hold a book signing once their community opens back up to visitors following the COVID-19 outbreak.